Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Recent Instagram Loves #1 ||MaddyBeautyLove

My Recent Instagram Loves

One thing you will quickly learn about me is that I am an Instagram addict. So, it's no surprise that over time, I have taken photos of products that I can't help but stare at lovingly. 

My Instagram is @Nice_N_Spiffy

Lush's Rockstar Soap
A product that I raved about in a recent video, in which you can see how clearly I love it. Lush really do know how to create some darn fantastic soaps! I honestly cannot get enough of their Rockstar Soap, which carries the same scent as their Snow Fairy Shower Gel (a Christmas Exclusive). But basically, this soap smells how a Fairy Floss Care Bear would smell. Creamy with a good mix of candy and fairy floss. An amazing scent that will follow you out the shower, which I don't find in any other shower product. It has lasted me weeks upon weeks. This I award to the action of putting it is a used Lush pot (pictured), in order to keep it away from water and other bathroom elements. I definitely recommend this soap!

You can find this block of yumminess at any Lush store, for $6.95 per 100g.

My too-frequent naughty breakfasts
When I'm feeling like I need to be treated lavishly, I don't hesitate to chop up some strawberries, banana's and some poor crushed Freddo's with my oat cereal. I've never had such fun with breakfast in my life, it definitely mixes things up and makes me look forward to eating. It also tastes like heaven!

Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Hand Wash 240 ml
Mint and tea tree, need I say more? Firstly it smells amazing, it has a tingly, clean effect on your hands and it lathers up amazingly! The downside? I'm nearly out!

You can find this one in supermarkets and chemists from prices ranging from $4.00 - 4.39. 

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Standout 2.7g
A drugstore gem that took me by surprise after picking it up for $10 when it was on sale. I can now declare that Standout is by far my favourite red. It's the kind that makes your teeth look white and makes you feel like a 1950's bombshell. It has the pigmentation and the lasting power of a high-end lip product. It applies as a bright red, but the more you layer it, the darker it will become, making it perfect for the day and the night.

You can find this product at any Priceline and Chemist Warehouse for $17.95

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Here We Go Again.||MaddyBeautyLove

Gimme That Smile, I haven't Seen In A While.

Hello all!

 I hope you still remember me! After all this time, I thought it was time to get those laptop keys, and my writing mind working again. So here I am! As you will find, the time between this post and my last is too long. 

So what have I been up to? Well firstly, I knuckled down on my YouTube schedule. I am currently uploading every Thursday and Sunday (though the time varies every week). Secondly, the roller coaster of finishing my first semester of University, with the stress of major assignments stopped my ability to write and finally, HOLIDAYS! I got caught right up with fun things like work, housework, make-up free days and living on Instagram.You can take a peek of some of the things I got up to on this Vlog and this Vlog, I hope you find my awkward self entertaining enough!
But I'm back! Back for good…I hope. 

What's coming up, you may ask. This week I will be uploading a video-to-blog collaboration with the lovely Courtney, where we tackle our Top 10 Under 10 and the Top 5 Under 5 beauty products. So keep a look out for that!

Well I have been working on my Disneyland blogpost, in conjunction to my Disneyland Vlog. A post, which will feature stories and pictures that didn't make it on the video.I also cannot wait to welcome back Spring in September, so there will be many ootd’s, motd’s and Top Spring Lip Picks.I can’t wait to get started! I hope you keep in touch.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

I Didn't Forget You! ||MaddyBeautyLove

Being bored in class today, I thought I'd check out if I had neglected any drafted posts…it turns out that I've neglected four! Quatre! So this post is just to say that I haven't forgotten about your guys yet and to remind myself to get my head back in the game! (That will be the first and last HSM reference I promise). But I'm back again! Or at least I am going to try.

So very soon you will see from me, a Lush review/Haul (Australian and America), an Empties review, Make-up/Beauty haul and another product review. YAY!

I've posted some videos on my YouTube since my last blog post, feel free to check them out in the mean time (or any time)! Oh and stay tuned! I have a very special tutorial coming up soon. (Hint, hint; the photo below! Can you guess what it is?!)

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pin-curls, Purchases, Gardens: A Date ||MaddyBeautyLove


Yesterday promised rain, I took an umbrella and surprise, surprise. No rain! Typical Melbourne! Instead it was a lovely 25-ish degrees! This was because I joined my boyfriend in the city for a little date. 

Of course I prepped for this the night before and decided to experiment with pin curls with what resources I had and, of course it took over 45 pins and numerous rollers (the torturous objects you can see below) alongside a night of pain and no sleep to achieve unheated curls. But I was faced with three questions. Did they turn out alright? Would I look like a poodle? Would they stay?
instagram: Nice_N_Spiffy
I was more than neatly surprised when I took the clips and rollers out and I had long curly curls instead of short poodle-ringlets! This is an incident that has happened before... A story I might leave for another time. I pinned my fringe back with a twist and a little pin curl to hide the stuck out ends. A little touch I love to do! 

But having used no heat and no hairspray at all I was risking curls that might just drop. I wondered if my 48-hour, no-frizz hair routine would work in my favour.

But first, what else did I wear that day?! 

I wore this necklace my nan gave me just recently for getting in to university. It's a lovely, thin piece that really suited my favourite cream/white shirt. 

I decided to use an odd colour for the day. It's a Rimmel London lipstick in 214 "firework".
 It was a risk as I each time I try to wear it, it clashes with my clothing. But finally I had an outfit that it seemed to work with. Hallelugh! Though, this lipstick certainly did not hide the lip issues that my Lush Lipscrub certainly couldn't clear that day. 

After a surprisingly lovely coconut hot chocolate at Max Brener (reminiscent of Valentines Day), I almost skipped to Crabtree and Evelyn to peruse through their sale stock. Here I eyed off the Lavander Hand Therapy cream. Having been told by the sales assistant that it was the last day of the sale, I just bit the bullet and purchased it even though I already have enough hand creams to use up and as even $10 is a steep price for a hand cream in my opinion as I own plenty that are quite a bit under. 
I just love the packaging. It makes me think of a Granny's house, in a good way! 
The bags are so pretty! I love the florals on the inside.

Then we headed to the Royal Botanical Gardens with a disposable camera in hand. A disposable camera with a twist! 

I bought this for Stuart a year ago and ever since we've been capturing random memories in hopes that the film turns out perfectly. But what's awesome about it, is that it prints the photos with a vintage frame. I can't wait to print them and see! 

At the Gardens we decided to explore more of the land and oh my. That place is MASSIVE! It's absolutely ginormous! It seemed we had only discovered about half of it. 

In our travels, we saw a couple taking a gondola ride in the garden's river...Lightbulb, perfect date idea! I believe that now Stuart is resolved to take me on one for either Valentines day or our two year anniversary.
On the way out of the Garden's gates, I picked up a brochure of summer activities that will be taking place there and if I'm honest, I will be dedicated to do them all! 

After Stuart left, I stayed in the city for a little while longer so I could catch the train home with my Papa bear. Which gave a nice touch to the day!

A question I left unanswered before, did my curls stay? Why yes, they did! So did my make-up!
Cue my playing around with the camera...

Excuse the weird black smudge on my forehead...You probably didn't notice, and now I've gone to point it out..

So that was my day! It was just perfect if I do say so myself! \
Now I must go back to my University enrolment! 
Have a safe and lovely week!

With all my love, Maddy.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

American Haul: Bath & Body Works (Black Friday purchases) ||MaddyBeautyLove

 People that know me, or watch my Youtube videos will find that I am an avid body care enthusiast. That's why my trip to Bath & Body works at the Beverly Centre (on black friday) in LA, was like a pilgrimage for this Aussie gal and it did not disappoint! Though I do plan on filming a haul for all of my American purchases, currently IMovie is deciding not to play ball and is continuously crashing on me! So for now, I think a first impression's post is in order. Besides that, I also had fun taking these photos. So keep posted for my drugstore haul and Sephora haul! Exciting! 

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below or contact me on one of my links listed at the bottom of the page! 

Note: Keep in mind that these prices are in American dollars and the tax is not included in the ticketed price. (SILLY!)

New Cranberry Twinkle Body Lotion: 88ml $5
This stuff smells gorgeous and it's gorgeously coloured! Though they are coloured, it won't come of as colour on the skin. The scent reminds me of one of the Luxe body washes which is a great thing. It's a stronger scent than the Twisted Peppermint line and more sweet. The texture that these body lotions have is gorgeous! They have a not very thick, but soft texture. Almost like milk. I haven't felt anything like it with any Australian products that I've tried, which is why it's one of my favourite beauty purchases and thus a purchase that I plan to use sparingly!

·      Twisted peppermint Body lotion 88ml $5
    The texture and feel is the same as the Cranberry Twinkle lotion, but I much prefer this scent for the summer unlike the Cranberry one. To me this scent wasn't as long lasting or as strong as the Cranberry one either. It also doesn't have that pure peppermint scent that I expected it to give off (misleading packaging!) and of course there was minty sensation, but it was only a slight one. Though I guess you wouldn't be too wanting of that during winter! I bought two of these, as of course, I am peppermint obsessed! I actually almost chose three instead of purchasing the Cranberry one, but now I'm glad with my overall decision.
Bodylotion - right
Candle - Middle
Hand Cream - Left
Twisted Peppermint Nourishing Hand Cream: $5
As a first impression, I can't tell you how nourishing this hand cream is over a long period of time, but I can tell you that as soon as it sinks in to your hands they feel substantially softer! This is due to the presence shea butter and vitamin E, so it's not one that I would apply if I know I might soon frolic in the sun. The texture and the scent I've found, is very, very similar to that of the body lotions which also contain shea butter. But the scent is more minty. I love it!

Now these two purchases from Bath and Bodyworks aren't strictly body care, but I love them all the same!

Twisted Peppermint small candle: $4.50
Of course I had to purchase some sort of candle when I was in America, however there proved to be difficulties when I visited Yankee Candles, so I'm glad I took no chances! I chose the smallest candle due to the luggage weight restrictions and not wanting to spend a fortune on a candle and have it break before I arrived back home. I was so pleased when I arrived home and it was still intact and not melted! WIN! Due to complete fire bans, across Melbourne at least, the 40 degree heatwave and the use of air conditioners, the said 10 hours burning time isn't something that I've had a chance to test out yet. Nor have I been able to smell the candle burning. But I can tell you that like the Hand creme, it smells like the body lotions foremost, but sometimes you catch a whiff of a very strong mint scent. I can't wait to burn it! 

 Iced Gingerbread pocket antibacterial hand gel: $1.75
This was a must have purchase for me before I even left for America. I'd seen so many youtubers talk about these. But what I didn't expect was to be overwhelmed with the GIANT selection of antibacterial hand gels. Oh boy, there was. American's certainly expect a wide selection! Being overwhelmed and with little choice to chose, I picked up the Iced Gingerbread one thinking it would be a nice addition to my gingerbread collection. I didn't realise until a while later  what a strong scent it had! My friend tried this and a day and a shower later she could still smell it on her hands! 
It has an almost a burnt ginger bread cookie smell which I don't find to be strictly an "Iced Gingerbread" scent. My Betty Crocker candle (pictured) smells much, much more true to life if there was a comparison between the two. The strength of the scent after I used it once, made me feel sick so I've decided not to use this before meals as it would heavily alter the taste.
I hope that in the wintertime, I will be able to reform my opinion of it. 
The packaging claims that it contains "Tahitian palm milk" which sounds like a property that would soften one's hands, but upon trying to find more about this ingredient I've found nothing so far, which is odd.  One last thing to add, the packaging with the squirrel is super duper cute and I'm regretting not picking up any of the cute attachments!

Have you tried anything from Bath & Body works?

I hope y'all enjoyed this little post! Keep checking back and follow for the next few posts on the rest of my beauty purchases!

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